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LC America is a NON GMO, Gluten Free and Allergen Free facility, all the incoming ingredients and the outgoing finished products are Kosher certified.

Quality Policy, together with the HACCP, it is based on Codex Alimentarius Guidelines.

Our Total Quality Management enable us to guarantee the highest Safety and Quality standards which comply with the requirements of both our Customers and of independent organizations.

The main pillars being:

  1. Client satisfaction throughout:
    • High and constant quality of production
    • Compliance with the agreed specifications
    • Product key attributes variability reduction
    • Flexibility in production and delivery
    • Positive release procedure of goods
    • Punctuality in deliveries
  2. Reliability of suppliers throughout:
    • Suppliers evaluation, selection, auditing and validation
    • Raw materials bought on long term basis only from validated suppliers
    • Control of each batch of incoming raw material, including the "sensory barrier"
    • Storage of critical raw materials at temperature–controlled warehouse conditions
  3. Conformity to legislation and best practice with special attention to hygiene and health standards
  4. Involvement and satisfaction of all parties in the Quality System of the company. Only by having all the staff, from top management down to the last employee, well motivated and involved in the quality efforts, can there be a continuous improvement registered
  5. Full Traceability and Allergens management in place for proper cross-contamination control and minimization


BRC certified BRC
Kosher certified Kosher
Gluten Free
certified gluten free
NON-GMO Project Verified
NON-GMO project verified